Evaluation Of Patient Safety Ethics

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Patient Safety Ethics Student Name Course/Number Date Instructor: Name Patient Safety Ethics Patient Safety Ethics has always been on the foreground of various studies, research, and debates. It is one of the key proponents in providing competent and suitable healthcare services to the clients. It is a subject that has played a major role in defining the scope of the healthcare system and its sub branches. While different forms of patient safety ethics exists globally, the central theme has always been to establish a recovery-inducing atmosphere in the clinical area. Up to this date, various studies and researches are still underway with improving and determining various factors that can mitigate ethical issues surrounding the topic. The importance of research studies plays a vital role in minimizing medical errors and ensuring patient safety in general. At a point, strict compliance to safety should always start with the healthcare provider. Failure in providing safe and efficient care to a patient can result to not only putting the patient’s safety at risk, but putting the professional career of the healthcare provider at risk as well, through medical malpractice and its consequences, According to Studdert, D.M. et al. (2004), Studies from various parts of the United States has revealed that identical rates of iatrogenic injury (4%-5% of admissions) and malpractice claims (10%). Subsequently, only 2% of negligent injuries turned out to be malpractice claims,

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