Evaluation Of Patient Safety Ethics

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Patient Safety Ethics Student Name Course/Number Date Instructor: Name Patient Safety Ethics Patient Safety Ethics has always been on the foreground of various studies, research, and debates. It is one of the key proponents in providing competent and suitable healthcare services to the clients. It is a subject that has played a major role in defining the scope of the healthcare system and its sub branches. While different forms of patient safety ethics exists globally, the central theme has always been to establish a recovery-inducing atmosphere in the clinical area. Up to this date, various studies and researches are still underway with improving and determining various factors that can mitigate ethical issues surrounding the…show more content…
Revealed data have shown a profoundly inaccurate and inefficient mechanism for compensationdistribution. While 60% of compensation is acquired by administrative costs majority of which are predominantly legal fees. It is to be noted though, that there are still a lot of factors at play which can significantly alter studies regarding the universal topic. These modern times, there has been a notable occurrence of shortage of nursing personnel in the healthcare field. A vast majority of Registered Nurses who work overtime are highly susceptible into committing errors which can drastically put patient safety at risk. In the healthcare profession, rendering healthcare to clients can be physically, mentally, and emotionally, exhausting. Entailing the health care provider into lengthening their service in the clinical area can be a gateway into committing errors in the workplace which in turn, can greatly compromise the patient’s safety. There are various ways to minimize, and eventually remedy the cause of committing errors in the clinical field. Prime examples such as collaborating with other healthcare providers within the team, heavily utilizing evidence-based performance guidelines in the field, enforcing vivid communication and proper dissemination of information to patients and their families, and adequate staffing in patient care units so that enough nurses can provide quality, safe, and professional care to
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