Evaluation Of Performance Management Performance

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Performances management structure are designed with the target of advance both, individual and organizational performance by recognize performance requirements, ensure regular feedback and help employees in their career development. The main goal of performance management is to ensure that the organization and employees work together to get best results. For example organization should help to employees in identifying the knowledge and ability required for performing the job efficiently as this would drive their focus towards performing the right task in the right way. Organization should help encourage employees personal growth and development in they career and help to get the desired skills and knowledge. The purpose of performance management is make employee feel motivate at work and make them understand about they investment in the organisation. Successfully reach the set target as well as it also focus on helping the employees to understand what is being require from them and how they could deliver it to the organisation.

2. Organisation need to make a plan and put that plans into action. For example from the beginning setting up the required aim which is needed to be target and making the employees to clearly understand what should be their investment towards reach the required goals. Organisation need to identify organization goals and determine what needs to be achieved to realize a plan.
Goals must be S.M.A.R.T.
Specific – organisation should known what to do…
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