Evaluation Of Performance Management Strategy

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VII. Performance Management Strategy Performance Management is a critical and vital part of every organization. Motors and More, Inc. as a company have several issues with employees feeling that unfair treatment exists in the company which has led to a high turnover rate. For Motors and More to be successful, they must adopt a performance strategy that embodies accountability, transparency, completeness and equity. ( Ulrich, Allen, Brockbank, Younger and Nyman pg89 ) Accountability as it relates to performance strategy ensures that the employees are given complete and precise goals that directly relates to the overall business strategy of the company. Once the measure is clearly defined, it makes it easier for employees to be evaluated…show more content…
This means that the top tier employees will get reward as such and in essence all employees will receive what they have earned. With the performance criteria set, deciding what approach to use in the evaluation performance is critical. Motors and More is a company who is in the business of sales but they have a number of employees who do other things. This is the point where the approach must be simple so the employees clearly understand the process and fair to all employees involved. The results approach will be the best option to incorporate at Motors and More. By using the results approach, it ensures that employees will be evaluated based off the objectives that were defined for them in accordance with the performance of their jobs. Everyone employee has a job description that entails what duties the employee is expected to performed for their job. With the results approach, quantifiable data can be collected and used to evaluate how well an employee contributed to company goals/objectives as well and individual goals/objectives. This gives the employee equal incentives to work hard on individual duties as well as team assignments. It also creates the type of atmosphere in where cohesiveness is integrated among co-workers with the objective of contributing and doing their part to accomplish the overall business
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