Evaluation Of Performance Management System

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1.0 Introduction
Performance management is an ongoing process of communication between a supervisor and their employees to achieve the goal of the company. It also considers as the process of providing a better work environment for their employees to perform the jobs. Performance management system includes develop a clear job descriptions, select the right people in the right position, provide training to their employees, provide compensation and others. For example, Microsoft Corporation provides personal freedom to their software developers to select their own training courses (Brundage, n.d).
However, performance appraisal is the process by which a manager compares the present standards and the employee’s work behavior. The reason is
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If a company that have an evaluation against their employees, their employees will perform well on the jobs. Based on the evaluation, employees who perform well will receive rewards or compensation from the company. As the Microsoft Corporation, they will reward their employees some bonuses, stock awards and others benefits such as health and wellness, paid time off for new parents, allow employees to buy company share at a discount and many others (Perks & Benefits, n.d).
There are some objectives why we conduct this research:
• Firstly, to understand the importance of the performance management and appraisal of the company and employees in order to find some methods to improve it and not ignore it.
• In addition, to find out and show how to evaluate employee’s work behavior in order to place the right people in the right position to advance performance.
• Lastly, to learn how to manage a good relationship or skill of interaction between the supervisor and the employees.
2.0 Content
2.1 Description and discussion of the topic based on ten (10) relevant references
In brief, a process which delivers criticism, responsibility, and documentation for performance consequences is known as performance management. It even aids staffs to contribute their efforts toward organizational objectives (Gallant, 2012). On the other hand, there’s a detailed version of explanation on the terms performance management. Performance management
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