Evaluation Of Performance Management System

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1.0 Introduction
Performance management is an ongoing process of communication between a supervisor and their employees to achieve the goal of the company. It also considers as the process of providing a better work environment for their employees to perform the jobs. Performance management system includes develop a clear job descriptions, select the right people in the right position, provide training to their employees, provide compensation and others. For example, Microsoft Corporation provides personal freedom to their software developers to select their own training courses (Brundage, n.d).
However, performance appraisal is the process by which a manager compares the present standards and the employee’s work behavior. The reason is to provide feedback for their employees on what they should be improved. Based on this evaluation, the manager can determine who needs to training, who will be promoted and who will be retained or fired. The scope of gauge about the performance is based on the job knowledge, quality and quantity of productivity, leadership capabilities, supervision, judgment and reliability.
Performance management important as it generates higher productivity because performance management system is to keep their employees function at their ideal level which enables them to produce more. They can produce more as they already have the proper training to meet the requirement of the job that they are conducting.
Furthermore, the important of appraisal…
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