Evaluation Of Public Relations Internship Program

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The Evaluation of Public Relations Internship Program in China Dantong Li Dissertation submitted for the M.A in Public Relations University of Westminster Copyright (2015) University of Westminster and Dantong Li Statement of Originality I herby certify that I am the author of this dissertation and no part of it has been previously published or submitted for publication, expect where acknowledgements are made within the thesis itself, in full accordance with the standard referencing practices. I certify that the dissertation does not infringe upon anyone?s copyright, nor does it violate any proprietary right. I also declare that this is a true copy of my dissertation, and that it has not been submitted for a higher degree to any other university or academic institution. Dantong Li Introduction Public Relations as a profession first gained its presence in China in 1980s, by western concepts and industrial practices being introduced from several international agencies which entered into this uncultured market at the earliest (Hugh M. Culbertson & Ni Chen, 1996). The emerging industry had shown its huge potential in an increasingly healthier environment due to the policies of reform and opening-up and the development of market economy (Ni Chen, 2009). According to 2014 Chinese Public Relations Industry Annual Report conducted by CIPRA, the annual
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