Evaluation Of Purpose For A Software Project

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Q1 - (4%) Brief statement of purpose for a software project you have chosen for the final year project module:
The reason why I chose this social network project is because I wanted to construct an area on the net where a variety of users would be interested in signing in to my social network which narrates to creating and uploading photo albums. This way users would be able to interact with other users and share their thoughts and opinions. The ‘World Wide Web’ is an influential tool that enables for this specific type of development.
This application in particular will use ‘Web Interface’ enabling users to find and communicate with one another representing the same network. In other words the application could turn into a hangout place via the internet. Users must be able to have their own unique logging details without being too concerned in order for another user to access and function within the same data of their profile.

Q2 – (4%) Identify and briefly describe operational and interface stakeholders and their roles in your project:

Stakeholders: Operational
Stakeholder: Viewpoint:
Admin To be responsible for progression and supervision of the website they would want to make sure that their system is running smoothly and is updated with the latest technologies. Ensure that all data are accurate and up to date. They want the design of the interface to be user friendly and to appeal to more users. They
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