Evaluation Of Selected Patient And Theories

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Course Project Introduction: Selected Patient and Theories
In the history of nursing many theories have been developed and applied to nursing practice. After selecting a patient, I have assessed her demographics, health status, and health needs. Also, I have selected two theories to address these needs and have summarized their main concepts. Finally, I have discussed my patient and theories choices.
M.R. is a white fifty-two years old Spanish female who lives in Spain. She is five feet and four inches tall and weighs 121 pounds. She thinks of herself as a member of Western and Spanish cultures. M.R. is a married Catholic, has two adult children, owns a flat in a tranquil area, and works as a clerk at a public high-school. In Spain health services are paid for using taxes and M.R. lives near several medical facilities. Although M.R. has a cardiomyopathy, she is otherwise healthy. She performs self-care, activities of daily living, employment tasks, and light exercise independently. In Spanish culture family members usually live together or nearby and gather on Sundays. However, M.R.’s husband is away on Sundays and her daughter lives in other country. These facts constitute her cultural needs. Also, M.R. takes care of the household finances and housework and has no time to socialize. This situation constitutes her main psychosocial need because it has an impact on her support system. Finally, her spiritual needs include the uncertainty of her condition’s process,…
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