Evaluation Of Sex Education School On Teen Pregnancy Prevention

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Research Proposal
Evaluation of Sex Education in School on Teen Pregnancy Prevention
Megan R. Fitzgerald
PSY 290 – Research Methods
Gayle Schwark, Ph.D.
Arizona State University
November 27, 2014

Abstract This study is proposed in order to evaluate the various types of school-based sex education programs and the effect that these specific programs have on teen pregnancy rates. The type of approaches for school-based sex education programs offered to the teenage participants will be peer led, specifically abstinence-based, and adult led. The control group is going to be studied without being offered any of the school based sex education programs. To conduct the study the most effective way possible, a cross-sectional study will be preformed because of the need for a diverse range of teenagers between the ages of 15 to 17. The research will need to be preformed at six different schools that range in diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. Within each school, the research will be based on 30 males and 30 females for each program type and control group. Each group would have an anonymous survey taken before the experiment and 6 months after the experiment in order to determine significance. The anonymous survey will be similar to the “ Teen Attitude Pregnancy Scale (TAPS)” mentioned by Somers, Johnson, and Sawilowsky (2002), in order to measure the significance that each program had on each of the participants. The surveys, while anonymous will be specified per each…
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