Evaluation Of Sex Education School On Teen Pregnancy Prevention

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Research Proposal
Evaluation of Sex Education in School on Teen Pregnancy Prevention
Megan R. Fitzgerald
PSY 290 – Research Methods
Gayle Schwark, Ph.D.
Arizona State University
November 27, 2014

Abstract This study is proposed in order to evaluate the various types of school-based sex education programs and the effect that these specific programs have on teen pregnancy rates. The type of approaches for school-based sex education programs offered to the teenage participants will be peer led, specifically abstinence-based, and adult led. The control group is going to be studied without being offered any of the school based sex education programs. To conduct the study the most effective way possible, a cross-sectional study
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Once the results of the data have been identified and determined, then the research can conclude the impact of each program and the significance it has on teen pregnancy. Evaluation of Sex Education in School on Teen Pregnancy Prevention:
How Sex Education Effects Teen Pregnancy Rates Teen pregnancy prevention is an increasingly controversial and a potentially inconvenient topic of discussion for both teens and their parents alike (Sabia, 2006). As teen pregnancy rates have increased, there has been an increased focus on combatting the underlying causes and reversing their effects (Bennett & Assefi, 2005). Teen pregnancy can result in an increased number of children placed in adoptive services, as well as, cause a strain on teenage parents who chose to take on the responsibilities of parenthood at an early age. By researching the effects of various school-based sex education programs on teen birth rates; it would be possible to establish a standardized sex education curriculum to minimize the number of children put into the adoption system and the number of teenagers whose lives are affected by pregnancy (Somers, Johnson, & Sawilowsky, 2002). Based on information found in the supportive research for this study, there was a positive impact on lowering teen pregnancy rates when peer-instructed sex education programs were introduced into the academic curriculum, though it did also
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