Evaluation Of Sme 's Help Them Defend Their Network Against Cyber Criminals

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This project is a guide to which SME’s can use to help them defend their network against cyber-criminals. It will cover all aspects of security that an SME should be using against the current security threats that cyber-criminals are using today. The guide will show how an SME can test their networks security for functionality, so that they know everything is working as expected.

Chapter 1: Introduction

This project is being undertaken to investigate and assess the mitigation techniques required to secure the networks of Small to Medium Enterprises (SME’s) against the major network threats of today.

Various steps need to be taken so that this project can achieve any results. The first step to be taken is to research what an SME is and what an SME network entails.

Next is to research the current logical and physical network security technologies being used or those that are currently in development.The key vulnerabilities that are found within SME networks are going to be reviewed and possible mitigation techniques normally used to defend against these vulnerabilities will be discussed.

In order to achieve realistic results that can be used to advice SME’s an experiment will be undertaken to find out whether or not these mitigation techniques actually secure a SME type network against key vulnerabilities such as those researched. In this process a typical SME network environment will be created.

A pen test will be undertaken on this test network, which…
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