Evaluation Of The Burke Litwin Modification Model

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Diagnosis of Change Sarath Mulleti DeVry University Feb-06-2015. Change Diagnostic Model The Burke-Litwin modification model strives to usher in modification within the performance of a team or a corporation by establishing links between performance and also the internal and external factors that have an effect on performance. This modification this alteration this modification this variation this transformation} model relies on assessing the structure furthermore as environmental factors which may be tweaked therefore on guarantee an eminent change. The Burke-Litwin modification model begins with outlining a framework, comprising the moving factors which may be manipulated to ensure a power tool transition from one section of the modification method to a different. The foremost essential facet here is establishing the links between the twelve dimensions of this transformation framework. (Ginny Edwards, Sidharth Thakur, 6/7/2013). Identifying the Drivers of Change: • External Environment: The main external elements need to be observed and established in and around the organization which will affect the organization. • Mission and Strategy: The view and work plan of the management of the company should be tested in the perspective of average employee and need to be correct if any corrections needed. • Leadership: The Main head of the organization should always shares their leadership structure and plan which need to be implemented. • Organizational
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