Evaluation Of The Calgary Police Service

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Introduction A self evaluation is a method for an individual to mark, or reflect on what they have learned about ones’ self through a questionnaire. It allows for individuals to identify their weaknesses, as well as strengths, and ways we can improve as an individual. It is important that individuals realize they are not perfect and make mistakes, but must learn how to overcome or increase their knowledge, and this is one of the methods to help identify them. Organizational Awareness Organizational awareness is considered to be a developmental competency. This competency is the ability to read political and social issues in organizations, teams, or communities. The Calgary Police Service is divided into sections based on your role. It…show more content…
When arriving to a scene the officer may not have any idea what is too be actually expected when they arrive. Many agencies, including the Calgary Police Service, look for individuals who are able to adjust, or tailor their behaviours in order to find the best solution. Officers have to be willing to find new approaches to solutions and be open-minded since the job is essentially providing customer service. As adaptability being a competency, I believe flexibility works hand in hand. I would say flexibility is one of my strengths. During the ride alongs’ I had to be flexible and just go with the flow for that shift since I was constantly adapting to the calls, environment, and the officers. For example, even though I was just observing, one of the nights I had to switch officers during the middle of the shift. For the first part of the shift I was assigned with the patrol unit, where we were constantly going from call to call, and making traffic stops in between the calls. Approximately half way I was later assigned to ride with the Sergeant, this was a complete change since I went from going call to call, to now supervising, or managing the other officers. The Sgt. and I mainly drove around the city, but only listening to the calls coming in and telling officers to respond if necessary. I not only had to adjust to the new role I was observing, but also to a new personality, and environment. Since I was being flexible,
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