Evaluation Of The Cleveland Clinic

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Mike Fiorilli is thee Director of Billing Services- Denials for the Cleveland Clinic. The Cleveland Clinic is a global, multi-national health care system encompassing hospitals, physician offices, urgent care facilities, and research clinics across the globe. The Cleveland Clinic has facilities in Ohio, Florida, Nevada, Abu Dhabi, Canada, and the England facility is scheduled to open in fourth quarter 2018. Mr. Fiorilli started in the health care industry 35 years ago after the finance business he was employed by closed. There was no formal training and no college classes for the finance division of health care. No one in Mr. Fiorilli’s neighborhood went to college, the steel industry was booming and everyone on the block he grew up with went to work for Republic Steel. He started as an entry level clerk and has worked his way up, from account rep, to supervisor, to manager, and now as director he leads a team of more than five hundred people. The insurance denials piece of the finance division has little to no patient contact, but that does not make Mr. Fiorilli’s division any less important than the caregivers that do. Mr. Fiorilli states “At the end of the day, there is a patient behind every bill that goes out the door”. What we do keeps the patient from getting bills they shouldn’t, making their experience less stressful. Mr. Fiorilli firmly believes that the health care system in the United States is unequaled by any other health care system in the world. The…
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