Evaluation Of The Clinical Decision Making Process

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Clinical reasoning can be best described by the process of collecting indications, processing, understand the problem or situation, plan and implement interventions, asses outcomes and learn reflect on the whole process (del Bueno, 2005). Positive outcomes of this process can be determined by an individual’s preconceptions, attitude, perspective and willingness (mentally and physically) (McCarthy, 2003). In a report by the clinical excellence commission of NSW Health they conclude that there are three explanations for negative patient outcomes in which are failure to correctly diagnose, failure to adequately implement appropriate treatment and inability to manage complications. In this essay the author will outline a situation in which they were involved in explaining the background of the situation, factors which influenced a clinical decision to be made whilst describing the clinical decision making process.
On the last day of a placement block for Nursing clients with chronic conditions at an unnamed Gold Coast Hospital, I was assigned five patients with the supervision of a registered nurse in the orthopaedics ward. With awareness of the environment, I noticed and retained times patients were coming and going from surgery that weren’t assigned to me. On completion of the shift with bag in hand, I walked past an elderly lady in her room whom I remembered had come back from surgery approximately two hours earlier. I noticed she was quite flushed with a slight grimace on
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