Evaluation Of The Corrections Officers At The Allen County Juvenile Detention Center

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The ability to apply acquired knowledge in a situation outside the typical educational structure often results in exceptional learning. The experience of working with the corrections officers at the Allen County Juvenile Detention Center helped me to think critically about the application of justice. There is much that can be said specifically about the correction officers and some of their attitudes and actions. They do contribute to the atmosphere, however, changing other aspects such as the rules or the actual building has been my focus. Throughout this reflection, I will cover a typical work day with some commentary on the procedures and the environment intermixed. Working at relatively the same time each day caused a rather repetitious experience and there were only minor changes day to day. I will conclude with some notes about how justice “looks” at the JDC along with some suggestions. There are two pairs of corrections officers on duty at least from three until eleven at night. The pairs are always one male, one female. I believe this is because of dealing with gender specific situations like showers. There are often other people who worked specifically with the treatment wing during my time. The detention center has one wing for those who need to serve time for an offence and one wing for those receiving treatment for their health. The juveniles that committed a crime are serving a certain amount of time and then they get released. The other group, receives
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