Evaluation Of The Counselor And Child ( Ren )

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Within American society, numerous people are choosing to become school counselors. Each day, counselors will meet hundreds of smiling faces, in which he/she will come in contact with, throughout the school year. During this process, school counselors create various techniques, to interact with students, on levels in which are comfortable for the child(ren). Before this process can begin, it is imperative that the counselor and child(ren) create a strong bond. Carl Rodgers believes in the idea that the counselor should have several specific qualifications to best assist the client. Those qualifications are listening to the client speak, being genuine with feelings, having a non-judgmental perspective of the client and his/her problem(s), acceptance of the client views, and serve as a mirror reflecting the verbal and emotional manifestation of the client” (Glassing, 2013, p.12). Also, during this process, parents are encourage to participate with their child(ren), to form a bond. However, this idea often fails, in refereeing the parent(s)/guardian(s), to enter within the counseling process with the child(ren). “Why” is the question that many parent(s)/guardian(s) ask counselors in regards to entering the therapeutic relationship? In most cases, parents feel inferior or that the counselor will only belittle him/her, and considered their methods of raising the child(ren) to be wrong or ineffective. In Play Based Activities in Family Couseling (2013), Joseph Wehrmn and
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