Evaluation Of The Da Vinci

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 Abstract

With the utilization of robotics in complicated surgeries, surgeons are able to perform the required tasks with the use of precision offered by robots. The utilization of robotics minimizes surgery trauma, increases dexterity, offers a wider range of motion, and allows improved access to obstructed organs. The da Vinci Robot is a revised, upgraded and an enhanced machine from its predecessors and its original design made by Leonardo da Vinci. A company in California was able to evolve the design of the da Vinci robotic system. Four models were made by Intuitive Surgical, the standard original model, model S, model Si, and the most recent one, model Xi. The da Vinci Surgical System is now a worldwide system that is utilized for
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The dVSS was FDA approved in the year 2000. “The da Vinci has 2,250+ patents and additional 1,550 pending. The system is available in 6 continents, 64 countries, and 50 states“(Intuitive Surgical 2017).

The surgical system is capable of operating in many different categories such as Cardiac, Colorectal, Gynecologic, Head & Neck, Thoracic, Urologic, and General surgeries. Unfortunately, the surgical system does not complete the required tasks on its own, it 's controlled by an onsite/offsite surgeon whilst the patient is monitored by a surgical team onsite in case of data communication failure. The da Vinci Surgical System (dVSS) functions as a telemanipulator, meaning any motion the surgeon performs with their hand, the robot will replicate. The system works as a ‘slave’ for and copies its ‘master’s’ movement. In most cases, the dVSS is utilized at onsite surgeries; however, the dVSS is capable of accomplishing full off-site surgeries. For instance, a patient may be located at a hospital in Houston, and the surgeon could be working at a hospital in Seattle. The dVSS’s new model (XI) consists of four main components, Surgeon Console, Patient-Side Cart, Endowrist Instruments, and the Vision System.

1. Surgeon Console [Figure A]

a. Using the da Vinci Surgical System, the surgeon operates seated comfortably at a console while viewing a high definition, 3D image inside the patient’s body. (Intuitive Surgical 2017).

b. The surgeon 's fingers grasp the master controls
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