Evaluation Of The Data Collection

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Based on the sequential design shown above the analysis of the data collection is completed. The next step is to meet with the participants separated by individual departments to share and discuss the analyzed data. By meeting in this manner aids the researcher in pinpointing exactly where the internal problems lie (Cooper & Schindler, 2010). The researcher acknowledges that the focus groups comprised a total of 90 participants. 1. Sales/Marketing 40 2. Customer Service 25 3. Training 10 4. Compliance/Audit 15 The researcher wants all to understand the unevenness in the breakdown is due to department sixe and because of the nature of the business. The next phase of the research design consists of measurement instruments. The…show more content…
XYZ validity rate was set a 90%, and the next stage in the research would be to confirm whether or not the validity rate was reached. Date Collection & Measurement As stated previously in the research design section of this paper the data collection methods used were by using survey questionnaires, interviews, focus group interviews and observations. The instrument design will be a set of question comprised of free-response, structured and unstructured responses, multiple-choice, double-barreled and rated questions. The reasoning behind the researcher using so many instruments is because there are four departments involved in the study. The ultimate goal is to determine exactly what is lacking in each individual department and XYS as a whole. Data Analysis Survey questionnaires were conducted to all participants and the protocol was comprised of questions to determine if the participants understood the regulations that govern RR’s as shown below. 1. Before licensing were you told about the RR guidelines. 2. After licensing, did you ensure regulatory paperwork was completed in its entirety. 3. Was all outside activity reported. 4. Have you forgotten to document any outside activity. 5. Have you reported any financial difficulties. Focus group questions were another part of the data collection and those questions were as follows. 1. How many here understand the SEC guidelines 2. How many ensure compliance 3. How many are not
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