Evaluation Of The Early Year 's Foundation Stage

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This written document will discuss assessments within the early year’s foundation stage which I believe to have the potential of creating positive outcomes for children and families in a mainstream primary school where I am currently a teaching assistant. Throughout, I will make reference to “reception children” which covers ages four and five of the EYFS. I aim to justify this element of practice using a combination of literature and reflective experiences to evaluate how this practice contributes to quality outcomes. I aim to develop an action plan (appendix 1) that supports the improvement of assessment at Foundation stage level and critically and reflectively discuss the role and style of leadership that may be required to overcome any challenges/barriers to these plans. In addition I will use both literature and personal experiences to argue in support of how and why my plan will increase quality outcomes and potential impact on future improvements within the setting.

As I have worked in a reception class with children ages four and five for three years, I understand how vital assessment in the Early Years Foundation Stage is; it is an on-going process and is viewed as an important part of child 's learning and development process. The EYFS emphasises the importance of assessment in assisting early childhood practitioners, such as myself to recognise children’s progress, understand their needs and plan activities to support them (DfE, 2010, P.10).

The curriculum in…
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