Evaluation Of The Game On Kids Learning Company

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Discussion Game On! Learning company finds the internet a wealth for communication that can aid training of the employees to prepare them in their preferred industry. Austin’s passion for games opened a vast opportunity to augment the skills of the people in a creative way. He delivered his vision that games can be an antidote to unmotivated employees. An American retail chain said that the training program drove them to think more strategically (Walgreens, 2013). One employee from a telecommunications company shared that the game helped him to have a better retention of skills in a fun and addictive way (Centurylink, n.d.). These testimonials can be supported by Game Theory and Communication. It suggests that incorporating games into interactions may develop the competitiveness of a player. It can enforce a person to have a successful goal index and to obtain victory over other rivals of the same field or industry. Some also iterate that winning a competition may surpass and excel the success margin of an individual performance, and it can also improve one’s self-esteem. It also states that the game theoretical model for communication envelopes better cooperation of people for cumulative development, especially in a team (Allott, 2006). The feedback from the customers demonstrates that game-based learning has a great opportunity to be an effective instructional tool in a professional work environment. Marketing and promotion are the key tools to introduce the Game On!
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