Evaluation Of The Global Pediatric Fellowship Program

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Assignment #2: Evaluation of the Global Pediatric Fellowship Program at Boston Children’s Hospital Ton Tran August 16, 2014 University of Massachuseetts - Amherst Public Health 622 Instructor: Gloria DiFulvio, PhD I. Background & Statement of Need According to the World Health Organization (2013), nearly 7 million children under the age of five died in 2012. Most of these deaths are “due to preventable conditions: malnutrition, diarrhea, pneumonia, perinatal and neonatal complications, and communicable infectious diseases” (Garfunkel, 2011, p. 260). Currently, only 15% of countries with high child mortality are on pace to meet the Millennium Development Goal target (Chan, 2011). Some of the major barriers in…show more content…
Unfortunately, few pediatric global health fellowship training programs currently exist in order to meet this demand (Nelson, 2008). Therefore, “there comes an urgency for the development of leaders in pediatric global health who are adequately prepared to address the critical needs of the world’s children.” (Nelson, 2008, pp. 1261). II. Proposed Program to Address this Issue In 2010, leaders at Boston Children 's Hospital (BCH), in recognition of the critical importance of the global involvement, convened a global health oversight committee charged with developing a strategy and infrastructure for global health work at BCH. One of the major initiatives launched was the Global Pediatric Fellowship in Health Service Delivery. The fellowship is a two-year global health training program in which fellows, board-certified pediatricians, rotate in 6 month blocks between a field placement in partner sites in Haiti, Rwanda, or Liberia, and a clinical placement in Boston, Massachusetts. The fellowship program, specifically the training activities of the fellows, is grounded in five essential areas of competencies necessary to be leaders in pediatric global health: 1) Medical Knowledge & Clinical Care, 2) Medical Teaching, 3) Quality Improvement, Leadership, and Management, 4) Research and Scholarly Work, and 5) Attitudes and Advocacy. During their field placement, fellows will work in collaboration
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