Evaluation Of The Headquarters Facility Essay

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Equipment Description

The headquarters facility covers all company 's functions except development. This facility will serve two purposes - as working place and as presentation place. Here will be conducted all important meetings, presentations and receptions of business associates, so the facility need to be adequately equipped for all those purposes.

Specification of needed equipment is listed in Appendix B under the subtitle "Location: Headquarters" together with configuration layout.

Development facility mainly covers development function of the company, but also will have some marketing activity for local markets. This activity is not considered as significant, not at least for future two-three years, so we treat it as marginally effective activity. First significant step will be introduction of two applications in business category to local, former partners and customers of Symocs Engineering, but all effort will be coordinated from the headquarters.

Specification of needed equipment is listed in Appendix B under the subtitle "Location: Development Department" together with configuration layout.

Also, this facility need to be equipped with software development tools, because the tools former company possess is already technologically old.

Management Team and Personnel

The New Venture will start operations with seven employees - Executive Manager, Director of Development, Financial Executive, System Analyst and three Programmers. This configuration of
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