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With the advancement of the time, the companies are taking the step with information system as in the previous time; the organisation does not work with the manual database. This information system helps the company in keeping the information related to the company. In this study, database management system has been taken, which plays a critical role in managing the information of the company. This information system has multiple advantages as it provides clear indication about centralised information system that keeps all types of sources. This information system helps the organisation to access the data anytime. This information system also assists the organisation in solving the data related issues and data redundancy.
In this study, Churchill Car Insurance Company has been chosen as this company requires the database management system to store the data. This information system may have benefits; however, maintenance cost leads to the cost increase. This process is not also easy as this can lead to creating issue in revenue generation in short scale. Moreover, this information system can provide a competitive edge to the company.

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Introduction 4
Part 1 4
1.1 Background information and the sources of evidence 4
1.2 System description 5
1.3 Network, hardware and software architecture of the system 5
Part 2 7
2.1 Process description 7
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