Evaluation Of The Interactive Visual Tools

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1. Overview of the interactive visual tools In this section, we provide an overview of the number of interactive visualization tools that support EHR. The summary includes an overall goal of the system and a brief description of the visualization. 1.1.Population-Based Tools We now provide summaries of interactive visualization tools that support multiple patient records at the same time. Although, they display fewer details about the patient than single patient tools, but they provide the user with the ability to recognize patterns, spot anomalies, find desired records, and aggregate records into different groups. 1.1.1. Lifelines2 Lifelines2 is an interactive visualization tool that enables the users to explore…show more content…
It has three main views where the upper view displays the duration and size of the patient groups that are chosen by physicians to administer interventions. A common timeline for each patient is shown in the lower view for the chosen attributes. In addition, Indicators (algorithms that can be applied to different attributes) are used to define and combine with the timeline to support various activities that can be carried out by the tool. 1.1.3. CoCo CoCo is a visual analytics tool for comparing cohorts of event sequences that provides the user an overview statistics of the chosen dataset along with the event-level statistics and a list of available metrics to generate new hypothesis and enable insights. CoCo consists of a file manager pane, a dataset statistics pane, an event legend, a list of available metrics, the CoCo visualization, and options for filtering and sorting the results. The summary statistics panel includes high-level statistics about both datasets, including the total number of records and events in each record. Moreover, the users have access to the Event Type pane, which serves as the legend (pairing each event type with a marker and color) and filter control. 1.1.4. Lifeflow Lifeflow is an interactive visualization tool that provides a visual summary of exploration and analysis of event sequences. It gives the users the ability to answer questions that require an overview of all the records
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