Evaluation Of The Intervention Of Hospital Permission

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Before recruiting the participants and staff for the intervention, hospital permission will need to be addressed. This includes permission from the hospital as well making sure the privacy rule and patient protected information regarding HIPAA are strictly followed. In order to gather participants for the intervention, staff within both hospitals will notify database cancer patients and their loved ones through calls or face-to-face for nursing staff. Information and details about the study will also be included in their hospital stay packet or information chart. If the patient is associated with either hospital, but is only being cared for at home, we expect that they be notified either by phone call or during their check-ups or treatments at the hospital. Oncology and cancer center staff that can be notified and are able to share brief information about the significance and protocol of this study.
There are a few participant characteristics and selective manipulating that will be done when controlling the intervention protocol. These caregivers will then be involved with sessions and viewing the new patient web-based tutorial tab. There are various components that will be utilized for inclusion criteria. Participants will need to be of the age 18 or older and reside within Springfield, MO. The family caregivers must be presently caring for a loved one diagnosed with cancer and a patient at either Cox or Mercy Hospital. The participants of the study must also be currently
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