Evaluation Of The Joint Commission On The Accreditation Of Hospitals

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QSEN Essay Paper Teamwork and Collaboration Natalie M. Alvarez Intro to Prof. Nursing NUR3160 Professor Newman November 26, 2014 Introduction According to the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Hospitals (JCAHO) in July 2004 released a Sentinel Event Alert on the prevention of infant deaths. Its database showed that nearly three-quarters of hospitals cited communication break down and teamwork problems as a major reason for these deaths. The practice of teamwork and collaboration as a unit in patient care is especially important for the role as a professional nurse as it can make the job itself easier and more efficient. When teamwork is emphasized and valued in nursing the overall patient outcome is strongly enhanced. It is crucial all team members involved in the patient’s care work together and communicate effectively to reach the common shared goal. With the vast evolution of new knowledge and information in the medical field, patient care is more complex than ever. With such complex patient care, no one health care provider can treat a patient alone, it takes team work and collaboration between the multiple health care professionals involved in the patient care. Communication competencies should be emphasized to students as a vital aspect of a positive nursing environment during their educational experience. Education Although to deliver patient care it takes a team of people, yet education of healthcare primarily focuses on developing individual
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