Evaluation Of The Lego Building Exercise

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Management involves various theories and concepts in place for evaluating efficiency, or lack of. The Lego Building exercise was a true application of certain concepts and theories learned throughout the semester. Unlike previous exercises in class, there has been a very competitive environment and a high reward involved. Also, the delegated leader’s ability to effectively manage the team heavily influenced the success, or failure, of each team. In my team, there was an evident measure of control, quality management, equity, planning, and team context. Through each theory and concept, I was able to reflect on how each member and leadership action played a role in my team’s failure to earn the extra credit reward. (1) Team Context was the one concept that allowed me to assess the team’s actions, each context influencing the team’s decisions and cohesiveness. The context of team success and favorable evaluation of the team by others’ did not apply so much, as there was no real feedback system after the deciding of a team’s success. This further stressed the need to get results and succeed at first chance, for there was no second chance with a different plan. On the flip side, due to a ‘moderate competitiveness with other teams’, my team rushed to get as much information about the Lego structure, while obtaining the pieces to build it with. Due to the team’s desire to beat the competing teams, our cohesiveness, the desire to remain part of the team, increased. However, the
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