Evaluation Of The Lincoln Memorial

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An Evaluation of the Lincoln Memorial in the context of America’s Historiography The end of Abraham Lincoln’s term as president mark the end of the first part of American history. Past the end of the American Revolution, America could turn from the worries of wartime to the betterment of its society, creation of a government, and establishment of its national identity. During America’s infancy, America was able to instate a stable and thriving economy, healthy interstate relations, and a legitimate and efficient national government. Most of the initial problems presented were solved early on and without much long term cost, except for the problem of slavery, which even the founders anticipated to die very slowly. Lincoln ushered the country through slavery 's final death throes, which unfortunately included America’s Civil War. However, with Lincoln’s guidance, the country made it through in one piece, and finally transitioned into a whole new era of growth and prosperity. For this reason, the government of the United States wished to honour the progress of America as a nation, as well as the deeds committed by Lincoln in order to assist America through one of its darkest nights. So, the Lincoln Memorial was built to serve this purpose. Because of the great significance the statue held for the country, many were wary that the monument might set in stone a misinformed interpretation of Lincoln’s work and deeds, which would teach later generations and form future education
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