Evaluation Of The Maintenance Program Of Twin Rotor Aviation

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This report consists of an evaluation of the maintenance program of Twin Rotor Aviation. It has been found that the company has obeyed regulations; through both research into the facility, and auditing if the company. It is deemed that through appropriate practices, that Twin Rotor Aviation is both an approved AMO and CAMO. With regards to the managerial structure, there is one accountable manager with four responsible managers, a quality engineer and a safety engineer. All of the engineers mentioned above where deemed to have the appropriate qualifications thus being approved for their respective positions. Also the responsible managers all ensure that the work done by the employees of Twin Rotor Aviation is done to the highest quality…show more content…
Table of Contents
1. Introduction 4
2. Organizational Structure 4
2.1 AMO Management Structure 4
2.1.1 Accountable Manager 4
2.1.2 Responsible Manager 5
2.1.3 Quality Manager 5
2.1.4 Safety Manager 6
2.2 Maintenance Structure 6
2.2.1 Technical Service 6
2.2.2 Aircraft Maintenance and Workshop Maintenance 7
3. Compliance with regulation authorities 7
3.1 42.080 Maintenance of aircraft and aeronautical products (CASR, 1998) 7
3.2 42.310 General Requirements for carrying out maintenance (CASR, 1998) 7
3.3 42.315 Individual competence to carry out maintenance (CASR, 1998) 8
3.4 42.325 Maintenance involving modification and certain repairs (CASR, 1998) 8
3.6 42.395 Recording maintenance information for aircraft 9
3.7 42.450 Fitting parts removed from same place on aircraft—permission for paragraphs 42.420(1)(a) and 42.445(1)(a) 9
3.8 145.075 Provision of permitted training 9
4. Documentation 9
4.1 Twin Rotor Documentation 9
4.1.1 Exposition 9
4.1.2 Reliability Program Manual 10
4.1.3 Certificates of Release to Service 10
4.1.4 Engineering Orders 10
5. Conclusion 11
6. References 11

1. Introduction
Twin Rotor Aviation is a company which own, operate and maintain four Fairchild metro 23 turboprop aircrafts. The companies head office and maintenance facilities are located in Northern Victories with the
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