Evaluation Of The Navy's Mate Launch And Recovery Equipment Specialist

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In order to have a better understanding for my paper, you may need to have some better understanding of Navy terms. There are only a few, and I hope that they make it easier to read my paper. I know that the paper is detailed and may be considered lengthy, but I feel that the only way to truly answer the questions is to give full disclosure.
• ABE- Aviation Boatswain’s Mate Launch and Recovery Equipment Specialist
• LPO- Lead Petty Officer (Direct Supervisor)
• LCPO- Lead Chief Petty Officer (General Manager) o CPO is a Chief Petty Officer (Manager)
• MCPON- Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (CEO/President) o MCPON is the highest possible rank for enlisted personnel.
While I was employed as an active duty sailor in the United States Navy, I swore an oath to upkeep the highest standards for the Navy’s Core Values. Those core values included, but were not limited to; Honor, Courage, and Commitment. One Core Value that isn’t actually referenced in the oath but should be, is Integrity. Integrity to me is the ability to follow a legal and responsible code of ethics, regardless who is around and who will or will not know about it. In this paper I will explain how even after years of following this code, I breached my duty of loyalty as well as my duty to act in good faith. Throughout the course of my four year contract I was deployed overseas in the Mediterranean for a period of six months. I was stationed as an ABE on the U.S.S. Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69). An ABE has

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