Evaluation Of The Negotiation Observation Assignment

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For the negotiation observation assignment, I selected a Disney film to do an observation on. The film that I watched was Million Dollar Arm which I have seen before but I never watched the film in this aspect. The film is about an agent who is basically on his last breath in the sports agent field and he is looking to hit a home run with the right client that can get his 7 figures management company back to where it once was. The film had many different negotiation examples and covered many of the concepts that we covered in class.
In the beginning of the film the agent J.B. Bernstein was entering negotiations for a potential client whom was entering the final year of his contract. The client name was Popo Vanuatu and he agreed to work with Bernstein, under one condition and the condition was that Bernstein can get him a $1 million dollar signing bonus. This was the dirty trick concept in my opinion because of how the potential client used his leverage after he got Bernstein excited about the potential new client that he just got on board. After Bernstein explained to Popo that he could not get him the bonus he went on to say that no one can get you that. Another concept that was covered in this negotiation was the BATNA for Popo was the Pro corp. could get him the signing bonus if Bernstein cannot. After observing, I found that Popo is negotiating in his best interest in other words, what is best for him. Bernstein did not have a BATNA at this point in time so it was all…
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