Evaluation Of The Post Assessment

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For the post assessment, I have organized data results to display a score for each lesson taught as well a total score for the entire test, for each student. This way, there is a clear result of student understanding of standards and objectives in each section of the post test, organized by the lessons that were taught. Based on the student scores, there is a balance of understanding throughout the post assessment, for all lessons. Although there seems to be a balance of understanding for each lesson, almost all students scored full points on the questions dealing with the first lesson. The post assessment results for this lesson, shows that students understood the objective of that lesson. The majority points students could score on…show more content…
My students could attain the standards and objectives, and this showed through their final scores of the entire post assessment. I had two students score 10/10 on the post assessment. The rest of the class was right behind these students. Most students scored points close to 7, 8, and 9 on the post-test. There were only two students who scored poorly on this test. One student, had been absent, the other student I know I need to work more closely with. Even though these scores were low, they still improved from their original test-score. Overall, students could show attainment of the standards and objectives, and showed me this through their test results. Students were able to take what they learned and apply their skills through this test. As I stated above, levels of achievement were high! My students showed high scores on their posttest with scores such as 7, 8, 9, and 10. Students who did not score high, still showed growth and improvement from their original scores. Most students improved immensely from their original scores of the pre-test. Pre-test scores showed that students had little to no understanding of any of the standards and objectives to be taught. After teaching these lessons, students jumped from zero or little points, to almost full points on their post-assessment. Their scores really showed both growth and
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