Evaluation Of The Project Creed 's Way

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#6 In regard to my project CREED’s Way, chapter 6 helped me a lot in terms of techniques for utilizing resources in my project effectively. Resource Requirement Planning was helpful to me in CREED’s Way when I was assigning activities to my resources (in my case, my resources were Adonis Creed’s project team) to work effectively according to their personal skills. For example: during the remodeling phase on my project, I assigned Tone (a professional gym trainer) to be in charge of ordering and installing the needed equipment for our non-profit boxing gym. I also understood that time could be also considered as a resource so I allowed enough time for Tone to perform his activities. I also allowed some slack in case the equipment were to arrive later than it was expected. There is one major thing that I could’ve done better in the project that was stressed about in chapter 6. That thing was Resource Constraint Planning. I realized that my resources were limited, since I only have Adonis Creed’s team which is made up of 4 and I was planning to use them the most in order to save money. I know that I allowed enough time for each one of them to complete each of their activities, but I could’ve gone more in depth in terms of making a more accurate estimation of the time they would be done with their activities. #7 Chapter 7 was essential for me, without it, I couldn’t have written the budgeting stage of my project. The first technique that came into play was determining the
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