Evaluation Of The Project Process Essay

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Reflective Report for “NannyMatch” Gina Balbido Ocampo Table of Contents I. Introduction/Overview 2 II. Evaluation of the project process 2 III. Evaluation of interaction of theory/practice 3 IV. Evaluation of academic/intellectual skills 4 V. Evaluation of interpersonal skills 4 I. Introduction/Overview The purpose of this report is to reflect on the experience of creating the business plan and to express my thoughts and reactions to the process. This report will detail the evaluation of the project process, interaction of theory and actual practice, development of additional intellectual and interpersonal skills; and other key learning pertaining to the exploration of the business idea - NannyMatch. NannyMatch is an upper-end on-call or short-term hotel nanny service, which matches specifically skilled and experienced nannies based on the parent’s location and particular requests, saving parents their valuable time and money, while providing quality service at a competitive price. The service will include the introduction of child-care service via a mobile app as well website booking. Both the website and mobile app offer a database for tourist families and a customized search tool, which will help assist them to find the most suitable nannies for them. Booking can also be done through our partner hotels in Auckland and tourist travel agencies. II. Evaluation of the project process Initially, the whole project seems to be an enormous undertaking. I had a
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