Evaluation Of The Quality Assurance Team

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Question 1.
1. Context:
I am involved in a business that relies on customer feedback as one of its key performance indicators (KPI). It (The feedback) depends largely on customers’ experience of communication with our front line employees (agents), which is a qualitative measure. The feedback the customers provide on a scale 1 to 5 is based on their subjective experience of communication with an agent, which is a quantitative measure (Business documentation, 2015).
The quality assurance team is there to ensure that agents are communicating with customers efficiently. Our role is to monitor conversations with our customers and feed the results back to agents’ team managers, who in turn would feed back to agents, set objectives and monitor
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In my research, I would be looking to compare the existing quality feedback process to the alternative one. I would use percentage difference in the amount of positive customer feedback as a unit of measurement.
It is possible that the alternative quality feedback process has been used before and proved less effective. Prior to starting the project, it would be necessary to find out if there is any existing evidence of the alternative process being less effective. If no such evidence exists, the research would go ahead.
To carry out the research, I would form a sample group of agents whose customer feedback requires the most improvement. This group would be divided into two sub-groups: one that would continue to follow the current quality feedback process. The alternative process would be implemented with the second group.
I believe that using a selected sample group of agents for the purpose of this research, instead of all frontline staff, would provide peace of mind to the management. It would ensure that existing strategies and policies are largely adhered to and it is simple enough to resume normal operation if the proposed deviation proves too disruptive.
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Question 2.
1. The aims of the research.
I believe that the business I work for would benefit from slightly changing the process of delivering call quality feedback/coaching to agents.
So far, the management was
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