Evaluation Of The Recruitment Letter

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Data Collection
Survey Administration In fall of 2012, recruitment emails were sent to first-year, first semester college students (N=6,988) attending four large United States universities, inviting participation in a self-report online survey. The sample in the fall semester was 1,474 (65.2% female) and the response rate was 21%. A number of participants shared their emails to be sent another recruitment letter to take a follow-up online survey during the spring semester of 2013. A total of 436 first-year students completed both fall and spring surveys, which makes the follow-up participation rate 29.5%. The recruitment letter to take the spring semester online survey was also sent to X first-year, second semester college students. The sample for those who completed the spring survey, but not also the fall survey was 134, making a total sample of those who completed the spring survey 505.
California Bully-Victimization Scale. Previous childhood bullying victimization was assessed with the California Bully-Victimization Scale (CBVS; Felix et al., 2011). The CBVS asks about the three core definitional components of bullying: peer victimization that is (a) intentional, (b) repeated, and (c) involves an imbalance of power between the target and the aggressor. The presence of eight forms of victimization prior to college were assessed: teasing, rumor spreading, social exclusion, hitting, threatening, sexual jokes/gestures, stealing, and aggression via
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