Evaluation Of The Refugee Crisis

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The Model of Inquire will examine the refugee crisis in Turkey by identifying various possible solutions, analyzing its contextual content, identifying possible barriers as well as identifying necessary resources, identifying its consequences and assessing the overall content. The Model of Inquiry requires us to imagine an action or change that is most likely to lead to better outcomes. Thus, in regards to the article by Angela Charlton and Suzan Frazer, some possible solutions that could allow Turkey to ease the flow of refugee to their country are: Reaching out to other European countries where refugees could temporary live while the crisis diminishes. Another possible solution in order to better redistribute refugees is incentives that provides out of the country jobs that will allow refugees to work outside the country. In addition to the refugee crisis which could possible allow the burden in Turkey to decrease is providing incentives for children to study abroad. This will not only encourage children to do well in school but it will also allow them to grow and experience a different culture that could benefit their country when they return. Another possible solution could also be investing in natural resources where partial means could be used to help raise the 3 billion euros to implement the plan of providing visas. There are contextual details that one needs to analyze in regards to the possible solutions to the refugee crisis taking place in Turkey. The refugee
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