Evaluation Of The Remote Laboratory Emulation System

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1. Goal Lab 01, being the first lab, facilitated the initial creation of our VMware vApp along with our preliminary network within. The main goal of the lab was to familiarize oneself with the Remote Laboratory Emulation System (RLES) and create a basic network utilizing the system. The basic network we created with RLES had 4 requirements: a pfSense router, a Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7 server, a monitoring solution, and a wiki. By installing and configuring these operating systems / services, I was able to better familiarize myself with both RLES and the services themselves. An important part of creating and administering a network is the selection of what services and operating systems to use. Some choices were specified in the lab instructions, such as the requirement to use RHEL 7, while others were left for me to decide as the System Administrator. For the router, I went with the suggested option of pfSense, and learned both how to install and configure the OS. My next action was to install and configure a Wiki so I could document all following installs. I chose to create a separate VM for the wiki running Ubuntu 14.04 as I am most familiar with this OS. The wiki solution itself I chose to install was MediaWiki, thus I learned how to install and configure said service. The final server I configured was a RHEL 7 machine, as specified in the lab. I chose Nagios 4 as my monitoring solution, and the learning curve was quite steep, but achievable. Besides learning
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