Evaluation Of The Roper Logan Tierney Model And Evaluate Its Efficiency

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This assignment focuses on my practice as a Senior Care Assistant within the hospital. The aim of this essay is to carefully reflect on the Roper-Logan Tierney model and evaluate its efficiency in regards to patient admission. In terms of upholding patient confidentiality as stated in the Nursing and Midwifery Code of Conduct (2015), the name of my patient will be changed to Mr. George Matthew. In addition the code also states that a patient must be aware about information being used and thus I have also obtained permission from Mr. George for this reason. Reflecting and analysing on this topic has enhanced my learning and knowledge as a whole. The model that I will be using to reflect on patient care and admission will be Gibbs reflective cycle (1988).


My description will be based on stroke and the holistic care that I gave to my patient. Stroke can be described as a “brain injury caused by an abnormality of the blood supply to a part of the brain.” (Caplan 2006)
Stroke is seen as a major health concern and this is due to the fact that every year, as many as 110,000 individuals suffers from strokes making it a key issue. (NHS 2014)

Patient George Matthew was taken to the accident and emergency department and later admitted to the Acute Stroke Unit with issues caused by right sided weakness and slurred speech. When being admitted into hospital, his two daughters and his wife accompanied him. He is 75 years old and currently lives with his

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