Evaluation Of The School Program

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The school has to collect data to track daily operations of the school. The operations of the school include any and all aspects of the school. Therefore, the operations of the school is the spine of the school and is critical in supporting educators. The school has a good handle on taking data on student achievement and determining which programs are working and which are not. Along with this information, it is important to take data on the operations of the school. Knowing the achievement of the student does not necessarily assist in finding out the needs and improvement needed for the operations of the school. Evaluating the school has become a necessity with all the new federal guidelines for schools. Thus, evaluation of the school cannot be based on the scores on reading and math. It takes the whole staff to determine how the school is doing and determine the tools needed for teachers to be successful. Hence, the school takes data on the operation of the school and diagnoses problems or show improvement where needed. Therefore, the school takes data on the daily operations of the school including custodian housekeeping by monitoring the daily cleaning. Accordingly, the custodian has duties including vacuuming, sweeping, mopping cleaning bathrooms, and emptying trash. The data is taken on the assignments being completed daily and how much cleaning supplies is used and is needed. This cost affects the present budget as well as the future budget.
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