Evaluation Of The Standardized Patient Experience

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Reflective Evaluation The standardized patient experience was useful and interesting for me because I became more confident and active during nursing practice after that practice exam. This practical exam helped me recall my professional experience from year 2012 and 2013 when I worked as a nurse in my country. After that practice exam, I knew how staff nurses deal and communicate with patients from a different culture and spoke different language. My specialization is nursing education, but I wanted to take more practical classes during the course or study to obtain first hard experience and confidence in dealing with patients. I had the opportunity to elicit a comprehensive health history by using skillful interviewing techniques. However, I was nervous and panicky because I thought the time will be not adequate to complete the practical exam. I applied my skills and experience during health history section, but the problem was I did not deal with any real patient during nursing practical about two years ago. After I introduced myself to the patients, I started to ask and write patient name, age, and chief complaint. Then, I started to ask patients about subjective data which included a history of present illness, past medical history, family history, and personal and social history. I did an appropriate job with subjective data. I did not ask patients about sexual history during subjective data based on their situation and age. Also, according to my previous experience
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