Evaluation Of The Stroke Management Clinical Practice Guideline

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Assessment Task 3: Written Assignment- Appraisal of CPG This paper presents the Appraisal of the Stroke Management Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG) in relations to the selected scenario according to the Midwifery discipline. Health Professionals would use the CPG in order to improve patient care which is supported by evidence and recommendations (Hoffman et al, 2013, p.326). In which the appraisal would be applied in real life scenarios within the professional settings in order to investigate the best practice guideline. This is done by analysing the CPG according to the AGREE 11 tool. The AGREE 11 instrument is to assess the CPG, provide strategies in order to develop the guidelines and also inform the strengths and weakness of…show more content…
However, it also presents the expected health benefits from the guideline when working as a multidisciplinary team on page 31. Although it suggests that barriers and facilitators within the environment may determine the best strategy needed in providing the best evidence practice in relation to recovery of stroke and decision-makings. The clinical question is vague and not clearly stated. According to the guideline development process report, it illustrates that clinical questions were previously reviewed, however have been removed. Which the EWG has agreed on approximately 134 specific questions addressing the interventions relevant to stroke care. This however, is not presented within the CPG. The population clearly applies to all health professionals within the multidisciplinary team which may help guide clinicians in developing the best evidence practice possible with stroke patients. The CPG highlights some of the roles the listed health professions may undertake with patient and benefits of collaborating in an inter-professional environment. The CPG has provided relevant information relating to Domain one in which the overall goal and target population is involved. Domain 2: Stakeholder involvement Domain two focuses on the stakeholders involved in the development the guideline, the representation of target population and its intended audience (Brouwers et al, 2010). The guideline development group
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