Evaluation Of The Summative Assessment Design

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Part 1 The Summative Assessment Design is to develop the students with addition and subtraction by having multiple strategies to addition by placing together and understanding, and also to understand the subtraction in taking from and taking apart. Each student will be able to demonstrate the understanding of joined addition and/or separated subtraction of its objections by demonstrating addition and also subtraction in different ways. With the assessment plan it will measure the student’s capability to add and subtract operations and number, they will also have the capability to measure proper procedures to achieve algebraic thinking and operation. Once the unit of adding and subtraction has been educated the objective will be tested from each complete unit. “Ability, how well they are learning may be used as an effective tool to enhance future performance using curriculum based standardized learning outcome” (Kubiszyn & Borich, 2013). The students will have object to count in as sets and some objects will be taken away from the sets to give some type of accuracy. Students will be able to solve word problems in addition and subtraction. They will be able to subtract and add within the 10 to 20, for an example they will use objects to signify the problem. The students will be able to combine, and choose strategies to answer questions. With word problems the students will be able to solve using subtraction and addition. Assessment should be in the teachers planning for
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