Evaluation Of The Survey And The Planned Analyses For Answering Research

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Methods Along with doing research from peer-reviewed academic resources, this section specifies the participants and procedures of the survey and the planned analyses for answering research questions and testing hypotheses. To review the questionnaire used for this study, see Appendix. Sample The sample consisted of 50 students and five professors from Boise State University. The student respondents consisted of 25 female students and 25 male students. As for the professors, there were three female professors and two male professors who agreed to participate. The only requirements for the survey were that the respondents be at least 18 years of age. Survey The survey distributed to the 50 students and five professors was completely voluntary. The survey allocated, had five pictures of people attached to it, asking the participants to describe what kind of student they thought the person in the picture was. At the top of the survey the instructions were as follows: Please take your time and look at the following pictures of the five different individuals. After looking at each of the pictures using your best judgment, under each picture, please check the box describing what kind of student you think the individual might be based solely on appearance. The check boxes were followed by the three adjectives: Good, Average, or Bad. Measurement To measure the results from the 50 student respondents and the five professor respondents, the data was inserted into Excel to analyze
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