Evaluation Of The Team Nursing Care Model

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There are different articles that review the “team nursing care model” approach .For the purpose of this paper I would like to begin with the article “championing a team: reviewing the role of team composition, context and trust on nursing team performance,” as stated in Australian Journal of Sustainable Business and Society “In order to successfully perform tasks, there needs to be a proper mix of team composition in terms of team knowledge and team skills. Also, the team must work in a good surrounding through a positive team context.(2016, p, 50). In this article the roles of the team members are described and elaborated on discussing the makeup of the team and the how it applies to patient outcomes. As stated in AJSBS,” team nursing allows better communication and enhances accuracy in decision-making processes” (p, 51). The team as a whole have different attributes and skills that develop an efficient team. There are four factors that are addressed , team performance, team composition, team context, team trust. Each factor expands on the roles in the team. Team performance being one factor is as stated in AJSBN “. Team performance is a result of team members’ engagement in task work and teamwork processes that involve activities in completing a task, through collective integration, synthesis, and sharing of information” (p, 51). Team composition is required to have a blend of team members that have collective knowledge, expertise and skills, as stated
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