Evaluation Of The Umuc Family Clinic Intake Process

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After conducting an in-depth analysis of the UMUC Family Clinic intake process, a detailed description of the current and the future processes were modeled. In Stage 1, it was fairly easy to uncover the extremely inefficient methods currently in place at the UMUC Family Clinic. The key inefficiencies that were identified included long wait times for the patient, a lack of an integrated phone response system (IVR), and an unorganized record process. Dr. Martin was precise in his request for improvements to the current state business processes; however, he had great concern with the cost associated with the proposed system. Ultimately, he needs to be assured it could be delivered at a proper price point that would not jeopardize the…show more content…
Stage 3 – EHR – Proposed Technology Solution Improvement Process In Stage 3, enhancements to the UMUC Family Clinic business process will be proposed by recommending HIT (health information technology) solution, consisting of a certified EHR (electronic health system)/EMR (electronic medical records) system. Once this system is implemented, it will immediately improve the current process. Customer complaints are high, and the focus is on the long wait times and redundant processes when a patient arrives to be checked in. Moreover, some nurses are not readily available, because they are preoccupied with other administrative duties within the practice. Inconsistent record keeping practices lead to additional time searching for patient records. A HIPPA violation may be detected if a patient’s record is misfiled or lost; henceforth, creating a need for supplemental time and possible duplication of another medical record may be required. This process can be greatly improved by the HIT solution using a terminal loaded with the EHR solution. This will allow patients the ability to enter all of their health record information upon their arrival and that information will be instantly available to the nurses and doctors. This process will also give the patient the opportunity to validate the information and make any necessary changes (benefit information, addresses, phone numbers, and medications). Chosen HIT Solution • Product: Epic EHR • Version: Epic 2014
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