Evaluation Of Training And Training

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Evaluations of training in any organization is vital to employees as well as employers. However, training usually takes a back seat to more important tasks. Unfortunately, there is still some resistance to training and the effectiveness the training has on employees in organizations, with cost being an issue and whether training is even a necessity. Some supervisors feel there is nothing to evaluate. Others feel that such evaluations are too costly. Yet others may feel evaluations will threaten their current job or that no one really cares about the evaluations. Trainings can range from annual, to mandatory, or for job advancements. Some employers required monthly, yearly and yet others require no training at all. According to a current report by American Society for Training and Development, $126 billion dollars are being spent yearly by organizations on employee training and development in order to remain competitive and a successful organization.. Furthermore, it is usually challenging to determine whether an accurate study reports to training, development, or both. Moreover, when trainings are utilized, they are usually at the lowest and easiest level. There is momentous discussion between scholars and professionals that training and development program has effective impact on objectives of employee and organizations. Some of the scholars suggest that training opportunities increase in high employee turnover whereas the other claimed that training is an instrument,

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