Evaluation Of Training For Senior Employees And Responsible Managers Essay

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L* denotes Likelihood (see clause 7.1(b) under “Likelihood”) I# denotes Severity of Impact (see clause 7.1(b) under “Impact” and Annexure D) [For risks relating to Zagga in general, including some ACL and/or AFSL specific risks] # Risk Areas L* I* Risk Rating Treatment Controls Owner(s) 1 Reliance on Zagga Representatives, human error and poor or underperforming representatives and Zagga Representatives (including reliance on key people and fraud/misrepresentation by Zagga Credit Representatives and other representatives) Compliance 2 3 5 Reduce ● Training and Fit and Proper Person Policy ● Reference Checks/Police checks ● Regulators advised of change ● Ongoing training – training for senior employees and responsible managers consists of compliance training, as well as monitoring of training requirements through the training policy ● Documentation of business strategy, policies and procedures ● Mentoring and supervision ● Assess potential employees for their suitability based on their education, qualifications and experience ● Only appoint appropriately qualified personnel HR and Legal and Compliance 2 Conflicts of interest Compliance 3 3 6 Reduce ● Conflicts of Interest Policies ● Conflicts of interest training - Personnel reminded of need to declare and manage conflicts. Monitoring of adherence and awareness of Conflicts policy is the responsibility of the Legal and Compliance Legal and Compliance, team Senior Managers 3 Adverse ruling from external complaint resolution
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