Evaluation Of Using Simple Random Sampling Method

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3.7 Limitation of methodology Although the methods of this study have been carefully chosen and planned, it still addressed some limitations. Firstly, the questionnaire method carried out by the researcher was only limited to undergraduate students of City, University of London. Apart from that, it was also limited to students who owned and access to social networking site Facebook. Furthermore, since the questionnaire method was distributed in the university area, which was carried out during the final examination week, it was limited to those students who were on campus. Besides that, the simple random sampling method chosen in this study contained some limitation as well as the sampling method itself contains some disadvantages. The primarily concern of the implementation of simple random sampling method is representativeness where the sample participated in this study were ought to be as representative as possible of the whole targeted population. However, since this study does not include a large number of samples, it may raise doubts concerning the representativeness (Nadar, 2015). Moreover, since the survey questionnaire was conducted during the final examination week, the researcher received several numbers of refusals from respondents. Additionally, the questionnaire method carried out does not guarantee that the respondents will provide honest and accurate answers thus this may result in lack of conscientious answers. Lack of conscientious answers from the
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