Evaluation Of Walmart 's Experiences

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Evaluation of Walmart’s experiences in China and comparing them to Carrefour’s Rauf Canberk Altinkaya Southern States University Abstract Walmart and Carrefour are giant retailers. They have different perceptions in different markets. This case study focuses on these perceptions. Walmart failed in Chinese market since they lacked of convenient supply chains, adapting to cultural infrastructure of Chinese Market. Carrefour did some stuff better than Walmart. But Chinese market is not pretty beneficial market for both. Introduction Before analyzing Walmart’s failure in China we should describe Chinese culture. Customer behaviors had huge impact on this failure. Walmart could not understand Chinese…show more content…
Citizens are driven by a conflict between standing out and fitting in, between ambition and regimentation. In Chinese society, individuals have no identity apart from obligations to, and acknowledgment by, others. The clan and nation are the eternal pillars of identity. China is very good example of strict traditions and cultures. By the way these cultures and traditions vary region to region. It makes marketing strategies very hard to implement. Nowadays China is opening its doors to foreign investors. It is becoming more convenient for foreign investor. But before foreign investors were banned to trade in China. Before all trade activities were carried out only by government enforcements. Right now western investors are becoming important actors in Chinese economy but still you can feel the government effect on the businesses. China has different regions which have different ruling status, different cultures and climate conditions. Cities are Shanghai (population 14 million in 2007), Beijing (12 million), Guangzhou (12 million) – are pumped up by their own domestic demand and consumption. These cities are primary cities and we can consider them urban cities. But there are rural and urban population. %43 of Chinese market is urban consumers. And also there are big differences as tradition, culture between rural and urban population. Cultural differences affect traditions of consumers in China. Food
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