Evaluation Phase And A Site Certification Phase

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Economic Development in the early twenty-first century is competitive from state to state and site to site. Every community interested in growth is looking for a leg up on their competition when it comes to landing the right economic development opportunity. One relatively recent phenomenon is for a community to prepare a potential industrial site for future development before any industry comes calling. How a community goes about preparing a site for development is known throughout the industry as Site Readiness. Unfortunately, after this very general definition, there is not a common, or academic, description of just what any one individual might mean when describing either the process or certification for Site Readiness. The site…show more content…
Anything a community does to help prospects meet one of those three requirements prior to their soliciting requests on a site can, and should, be considered Site Readiness. Said more succinctly, Site Readiness is prospective preparation by a community for economic development. The strength of this definition is the simplicity itself. What site readiness specifically means for one community does not, and should not, mean the same thing to every other community competing for economic growth. Thus, the strength in the theory is that each community must take time to be introspective and decide a vision for the future. The very first question a community needs to answer is “What is the community’s preferred and rational economic development opportunities?” Even in academic circles, there is not standard consensus among academics as to a solitary definition of economic development. “Growth in per capita income, change in wealth, change in employment, change in both population and employment, and growth in business ” can all be contemplated as a part of the concept of economic development. The lack of specific meaning of economic development is reflected in the definition provided by the American Economic Development Council. It defines economic development as “the process of creating wealth using all resources. ” Even this definition is ambiguous and unclear, because the notion of wealth is not
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